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Family Pictures Fall 2013

Family Pictures - Fall 2013
navy, cream, grey, camel, emerald, gold, leather, animal print

Winter 2013 Family Pictures

Family Pictures Winter 2013
Holiday Ideas
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Family Pictures- Spring 2011

Family Pictures Spring Inspiration
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This is actually what we wore (or items similar) for our own family pictures in the Spring of 2011 and it was a great look.

Family Fall Pictures

Family Pictures Fall 2013
navy, denim, grey, gold, white, mustard, aqua, pink

People often ask me what to wear to a photo shoot.  Well with the intention of doing some of my own family photos today (looks like the rain my ruin my plans) I started gathering clothing to clothe my own family in for pictures.... that is right I started the same day- with no intent to go to the store. I'm pretty pleased with what I came up with just working with what we own.  This picture doesn't represent the exact items we own, but I matched the collage as closely as I could to the items I selected from our closets.   I couldn't find most our actual items online as none of the items are new. I thought I would give you a few tips on how I selected our clothing- without even going shopping.

1.  Pick some neutrals.  Navy, grey, white, cream, black, brown, tan, gold, silver and denim are all considered neutrals.  And chances are if you just picked three nuetrals to work with and went through closets you would likely have an outfit for each person.  I mean most members of the family own jeans, a white shirt, brown shoes.
I found a lot of items I liked in our closets in denim, navy, grey and white.  Also don't be afraid to have these nuetrals mixed together in one item (ie... navy polka dot shirt for me, gray and white lace leggings for my daughter)  Patterns are great.  I'll add more rules on patterns in a minute.

2. Pick a color or two.  Knowing our closets I picked mustard and turquoise.  I know that several of my kids have items in these colors and I tend to wear these colors a lot too.

3.  Pick an accent color.  So not pictures because I couldn't find anything similar online are a pair of tights one daughter will be wearing.  They are grey, pink mustard, and turquoise striped, and adorable.  Most of the colors in them worked with our look, but to tie in the pink I added a few bows and some nail polish.  I think the added pink makes it just a little more fun.

4. One thing to think about is who will be together in a picture.  Often parents will dress themselves in one color and their children in another.  DON'T.  What happens is when you go to take a picture of just the parents their shirts turn into one giant blob of the same color.  And when you take the parents out to do kids only, you get all matching kids with less interest.  Think about mixing your colors through the entire group

5.  Often it feels safe or easy to just all come in solids.  And although this can look alright- that finished put together look usually includes some pattern.  Don't put everyone in a pattern- that can distract from your beautiful faces-  But a few patterned pieces in a classic pattern (stripe, gingham, or polka dot) adds a great finished look.  You can add a similar feel with texture instead.  Ruffles,  lace, leather. knit.

6.  Another must to have the finished look is accessories and layers.  Don't let anyone be in just a shirt and pair of pants.  Put a sweater, tights, or even an undershirt with a pop of color on each person.  If you look at my picture you will see each person has at least  one extra item on. Hair bows and flower pins, tights and cardigans are easy ones for girls.  Jewelry and cardigans or coats  are an easy addition for women.  Belts and layering shirts are an easy one for men and boys.

I have done this shopping from our own closets for family photos before and found it to be kind of an almost fun process.  Who knew we had such well coordinated clothes for our family of 6.
Don't let me fool you- it took a few attempts.  I stared with brown and navy and red and mustard but couldn't get it to come together.  I also have a large pile of clothing in the color pallet I ended up with that didn't work.  So I have a lot of clothing to put away- I'll take it over buying my family a bunch of new clothes for pictures any day.

I think I will post several more family picture ideas for you in the future.

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