Monday, November 18, 2013

The McD Kids {Heber City Photographer, Heber UT}

The mother of these adorable three has been a friend of mine since the 2nd grade.   What was I seven then?  I have only seen her a handful of times since the 8th grade but if this afternoon proved anything to me- it is that you can be friends with somebody through out decades.  Especially if they are amazingly sweet and real like this girl.
On another note, if you think you have missed your chance to get Christmas card photos- think again.  A kids only shoot in the afternoon is the answer.  Don't wait for Dad to be free from work.  Do a kids only shoot- not only are they my favorite thing to do, I'll give you a great rate for it, and lets be real- your kids are the only thing anyone care about on a Christmas card anyway.

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