Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The "B" Children {Children's Photographer, Heber UT}

Kids only session tonight.
And it was such a gorgeous night, I'm so glad I had a session tonight or it may have seemed like a waste of such beautiful weather.  The colors were still out and these kids were perfectly behaved.  What a cute group of siblings.

I love kid only sessions.
I am always saying to parents "just look at me, because parents are the ones that always ruin the shot"  and it is true.  Parents are always fussing with their kids clothes mid picture, looking at their kids to make sure they are smiling, etc,, and they forget that they need to look at the photographer, and seriously always ruin the perfect family photo.
So kid only pictures are a piece of cake!

This mom opted out of school pictures and had this  kids session done instead.
Kid only sessions only take 45 minutes and I'll give you a great rate.
Give me a call if you've got adorable kids and 45 minutes!

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