Saturday, June 2, 2012

Some Editing and Such

I've been giving myself some lessons on editing lately.
My angel baby made a very nice subject. Plus she was up until 9:30pm so I might as well shoot picture of her and all her sweetness, her and I in the dark, hot house.
I almost like editing more than I do actually taking the pictures.
The trouble is, that once I learn a bit more about editing, I am tempted to re edit every picture I've ever taken.
I make a rule and don't and just move forward.

My baby IS perfect.  But a little help for the picture is flawed.
-lightened up dark house
-took out yellow/ red coloring to more accurately reflect colors in home and skin (yes she really is this fair)
-lightened forehead birthmark (no reason to take it all away)
-cleaned up under eye shadows (this baby has some deep set eyes)
-brightened and blued up eyes
-added some pink to the lips
-removed drool on chin

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